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As we look forward to 2021, it’s a great time to review your retirement plan.  Employees contributing to a 403b will want to double check to make sure their contributions do not exceed the maximum contribution limit for 2021.  The table below explains the maximum contribution amounts.  Please complete the salary reduction form found on the Portal > My Benefits > Retirement and submit to Betty Hesseling, Benefits Specialist.

If you don’t have a retirement account such as a Roth IRA or a pre-tax 403b account, maybe this is the year you consider saving a little extra for retirement.  (Note: Those of you on our $3,500 High Deductible Health Plan could consider maximizing contributions to a Health Savings Account as part of your retirement plan as well).

403b Maximum Contribution Limits



Age 50+

15-Yr Catch-Up**

Total Employee


The lesser of 100% of compensation* or:

Regular limit + $6,500 if age 50+

Regular limit + $3,000 (must be employed w/current employer 15+ yrs & meet other eligibility rules(

Combined maximum if eligible for Age 50+ & 15-Yr Catch-Up limits











* Compensation is includible compensation as defined in the 403b Plan Document, and is generally your gross salary minus retirement (IPERS) deductions in your most recent year of service. The maximum amount you may contribute is reduced by deductions for FICA, insurances, flexible spending accounts, employee organizations, assignments, and other like items. Contributions must not exceed the IRS maximum limits shown above.

** A calculation is required to determine the actual amount available under the 15-Year Catch-up. If an employee is eligible for both catch-ups in the same year, that year’s 15-Year Catch-up must be used first, before contributing under the Age 50+ Catch-up. To be eligible to utilize the 15-year catch-up, a participant must have worked for the current employer full-time for at least 15 years, used less than the lifetime maximum of $15,000, and contributed an average annual contribution of $5,000 or less.

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